Our Portfolio - FLASH

We’re not married to any particular medium.

Because our boutique agency can expand and contract based on the needs of our clients, you never pay for services you don’t need. And you never have anything less than an ace in his or her respective field on your team. We pride ourselves on making the process easy and efficient, and the end result nothing short of spectacular.

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A trade show animation.

An "eyecandy" animation used to attract attention at trade shows. It is designed to capture the trade show viewer's attention and get them to stop long enough for the trade show personnel to make an introduction and get them to come into the trade show booth. It was done in two different sizes one small for the web and one large for large screen presentations. Please click on the image to see the animation.

Swiftpage Flash

This flash animation provides a strong overview of how the Swiftpage Email program works.

We developed a flash animation to feature the benefits of modern email marketing and to provide the viewer an overview of the features and benefits of Swiftpage Email. A complex animation with narration, music and sound effects telling the capabilities of Swiftpage Email software. It entertains while it informs in conveying the key features and benefits. Please click on the image to see the animation.


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