We’re not married to any particular medium.

Because our boutique agency can expand and contract based on the needs of our clients, you never pay for services you don’t need. And you never have anything less than an ace in his or her respective field on your team. We pride ourselves on making the process easy and efficient, and the end result nothing short of spectacular..

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DI Graphics

From Web Site design, to Landing Pages and Pay-Per-Click Management

This program was designed to immediately generate leads for the sales staff. The web site was redesigned to make the current creative search-engine friendly, and to develop a pay-per-click online advertising program, with a separate landing page, to track results of the campaign. Results were almost immediate, soon justifying increases in their online marketing budget.


From Web Site redesign, Search Engine Optimization and landing pages designed to track leads

A web site optimized for search engines, easy to use -- and generates leads. The importance of this was felt automatically as the client noticed a dramatic increase in leads generated from the site within the first month.Three different landing pages were then created to track the effecitveness of three different magazine ads. Each magazine ad was designed to link to a different landing page. When the contact form is filled out, a backend database tracks the query and allows the client to determine the effectiveness of its different magazine ad campaigns.


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