Project Portfolio - Vac-Tron

New web site, landing pages for magazine ads, lead generation for this Florida equipment manufacturing company.

For Vac-Tron Denver Integrated Marketing was tasked with a variety of projects all focused on providing an easier user experience and better pathways to product information, spec sheets, applications, video presentations and demonstrations. “The site’s upgraded design architecture makes it easier to learn about the unique features of Vac-Tron’s signature PMD® Series, FlowMaster® Series, Mini Combos, CS® Series, and now our newest models in our LP® (low profile) Series,” said Vac-Tron Equipment® Founder and CEO Don Buckner.

“Our customers – which include private contractors and utilities, public users including municipalities and military installations, construction firms and developers – require leading-edge information to help them continue making good business and operational decisions.” Features of the site include access to premium content from the home page, including a white paper on Excavation Risk Mitigation & Cost Avoidance, an offer for a free onsite product demonstration, updated industrial vacuum product information and specification sheets. The site also features video clips displaying many industrial, private and municipal uses of its equipment.

About Vac-Tron Equipment - Vac-Tron Equipment® was a pioneer and remains an innovator and leading manufacturer of portable-trailer mounted industrial vacuum equipment. Vac-Tron Equipment is available in more than 30 configurations with dozens of wet and dry industrial, private and municipal uses including physical location of underground utility lines using vacuum, industrial clean-up, man-hole, lateral and storm drain clean-out, and natural disaster clean-up. Committed to building strength, safety, durability and one-of-a-kind features into every product, Vac-Tron backs them with integrity and service. Vac-Tron Equipment is Made in USA.


A web site optimized for search engines, easy to use -- and generates leads. The importance of this was felt automatically as the client noticed a dramatic increase in leads generated from the site within the first month.

Vactron Landing Page

Three different landing pages were created to link to three different magazine ads. Each ad was designed to link to a different landing page. When the contact form is filled out, a backend database tracks the query and allows the client to determine the effectiveness of its different magazine ad campaigns.


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